Pioneers in the world in the use of umbilical cord as an active substance

Advantages over other treatments for osteoarthritis

DogStem is the only authorized stem cell drug.

Proven efficacy

DogStem has demonstrated superior efficacy to currently available medicines for the treatment of canine osteoarthritis. This efficacy has been rigorously demonstrated using objective variables.

In addition, 65% of owners report that DogStem has significantly improved their dog's quality of life.


Evolution of the disease

While currently available treatments focus on tackling the symptoms of osteoarthritis, DogStem with its double mechanism of action, in one hand has a symptomatic effect by reducing lameness and pain, on the other hand acts at the root of the problem, slowing its progression, regenerating damaged cartilage and acting on the hostile environment of the joint by "deactivating" the inflammatory cells.


Duration of effect

In addition to having superior efficacy to other available treatments, DogStem has a long-term duration of effect. In clinical studies, 59% of patients had a duration of effect of more than 6 months, and in half of them the duration of effect exceeded 12 months.


Adverse effects

DogStem has been shown to be safe both locally and systemically. While conventional treatments have hepatic, digestive and renal side effects, DogStem has no such adverse effects. While conventional treatments may be contraindicated for animals with pre-existing problems or senior animals, DogStem has been administered to animals of all age ranges from one year and upwards and of all health conditions with no systemic side effects.



While currently available treatments for the treatment of pain and lameness associated with osteoarthritis are on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule, a single dose of DogStem has a sustained effect over time so that it is not necessary to repeat administration every few months. Despite this, safety trials have shown that DogStem is safe in repeated doses.