Pharmaceutical development

The development of a drug is a long and complex process where different areas of research come together to guarantee the quality, safety and efficacy of a drug.

Our medicines are authorized by the European Medicines Agency, which gives them optimal quality, efficacy and safety for their use.

Our donors are sport foals, healthy and born at term by natural delivery in arranged breeding centers. All the umbilical cords used in the development of our products are obtained by highly qualified personnel who are present at the time of delivery for the correct neonatal care of the animal and optimal tissue collection.

Tissue collection does not affect the normal equine birth process, being a process in line with maximum animal welfare.

Once in our facilities, the umbilical cord is processed following the highest European quality standards.

Our facilities of more than 500m2 of high-tech laboratories have a production room that complies with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) of more than 100m2 especialmente diseñada para la fabricación de nuestros productos.

During the manufacturing process, more than 30 Quality Controls are carried out according to the European Pharmacopoeia, including: cell morphology, viability, cell duplications, identity, mycoplasma, genetic stability, foreign viruses, potency, sterility, etc.

Once the manufacturing process is complete, HorStem and DogStem are packaged in fresh, which means that they can be used directly without the need for handling by the veterinarian and can be applied directly, easily and safely.

1 Breeding mares
2 Birth of the foals
3 Tissue reception
4 Tissue processing
5 Cellular expansion
6 Packaging and final product
7 Shipping and logistics

1. Breeding maresOnly those breeding centers that meet the highest quality standards can work with us. All our studs have veterinary assistance at birth 24h, 24h monitored farrowing crates, a deworming /vaccination program, veterinary medical equipment and the highest quality standards in reproduction. All our foals are high level sports horses or racehorses.

2. Birth of the foalsIn order to interfere as little as possible in the natural process of birth and preserve animal welfare to the maximum, one of the principles of EquiCord, once the foal has been born veterinary staff collect the tissue of the umbilical cord and begin a process of disinfection on farm patented by EquiCord.

3. Tissue receptionIn our facilities the tissue is reviewed by the quality control and logistics department, so that the collection of the tissue as well as its documentation (health status of the mother and foal before and during birth, shipping temperature, etc) meets the established quality standards.

4. Tissue processingThe production department begins the processing of umbilical cord tissue, an eminently manual process carried out by our highly specialised staff. Once the Master Cell Bank is manufactured it is cryopreserved while obtaining the results of quality controls: sterility, mycoplasma, genetic stability, viruses and parasites, purity and identity, blood analysis of the donor foal, etc.

5. Cellular expansionOnce all the results of all quality controls are obtained, the cells are expanded to pass 4 in asepsis conditions following the highest European standards and tested again of all quality controls.

6. Packaging and final productHorStem and DogStem are packaged ready to use in small batches each week to always guarantee the supply of HorStem throughout Europe

7. Shipping and logisticsOur medicines are sent directly to the veterinarian through specialized transport and following the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)